Planningtorock is best known as a name that pops up next to The Knife rather than a producer. The enigma contributed a fair amount to the goth-blip duo’s somewhat misguided opera that found a physical release at the beginning of last year. Her sophomore effort, ‘W’, takes quite a few cues from that endeavour (or maybe The Knife took cues from her), the shadowy electronic pop introducing darkened strings, sparse, violent drums and macabre vocal swoons. Most of it is cloaked in the same Castlevania goofiness that makes The Knife so irresistibly gaudy, and the chintzy, Atari soul of ‘I Am Your Man’ is among the most peculiar listening experiences this year. She’s mostly shuffling through a familiar deck, and although he unpacks solid songs, intricate beat-work and a few winning moments, he’s missing the weighty, miasmic density, with her personality not quite managing to keep ‘W’ together.

By Luke Winkie

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