This latest instalment in Upset The Rhythm’s commendable split LP series might just be their best yet, because, largely, neither side brings the other down. On one is Please – a London trio of tight jammers who take their lead from skewed 70s psych prog and manage to make two minutes feel like two hours on the skippy, repetitive ‘Clothes’. The other side is home to the eccentric clunk-punk of Spin Spin The Dogs, who sing about jumbo jets and massive hands in a semi-moronic tone that could well be a joke. Apart from ‘Stupid’ (which is just that as it falls apart on its toy keyboard for 55 seconds), it remains good fun. Of course, you will need to choose a favourite side though, and the sensible will probably go for Please’s, thanks to the Wild West menace of ‘Harrow And Wealdstone’ and the almost pop ‘Pass The Apple’. There’s not much in it, mind.

By Sam Little

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