For all their avant-acoustic stunts and outside-the-lines arrangements, Dodos have always remained remarkably pretty. Two years after fumbling ‘Time To Die’, ‘No Color’ returns the band to a more focused place, embracing the same textures that grabbed the world with ‘Visitor’.  Meric Long’s baritone croon hangs high above the clapboard drums, occasionally paired with Neko Case’s shining harmonies. That touted Vibraphone, which served as ‘…Die’’s de facto sonic touchstone is nowhere to be found, save for the brief, hyperactive intro of ‘Hunting Season’. But this is mainly a duo making a point after an awkward critical reaction. In interviews Long commented on his desire to craft an unambiguous sound with ‘No Color’, and you can hear the workmanship reverberating off the songs. Everything has been polished, sequenced, obsessed over, and wonderfully produced. It’s the sound of the Dodos getting back to consistency.

By Luke Winkie

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