Considering they look so alike that Thurston Moore once took to wearing a T-shirt proclaiming ‘I AM NOT BECK’, it was practically written in the stars that the Sonic Youth man and our favourite Scientologist would collaborate properly one day. Where Moore’s previous solo albums were stylistic, if stunning, mish-mashes, Beck seems to have steered this one towards a more singular vision – the album sustains an exquisitely tender and dreamy mood, sending the listener floating on a 12-string pillow while an out-of-character Thurston whispers sweet nothings in their ears.

Practically devoid of bass or drums, the nine songs are highlighted by lush violin and psychedelic harp from Samara Lubelski and Mary Lattimore, which lifts Thurston’s lethargically intoned paens towards the cosmos. Beck stays in the background, only emerging with typically doleful backing vocals, fitfully emerging from the haze of buzzing strings. Even though pulsating tracks like ‘Circulation’ and ‘Blood Never Lies’ ultimately can’t top some of the darker, more varied material on 2007’s ‘Trees Outside The Academy’, as a whole ‘Demolished Thoughts’, Moore’s tenderest, most surprising and unified album, is a sugary delight.

By Tom Pinnock

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