You’ve gotta hand it to Times New Viking: the Ohio trio are nothing if not prolific. ‘Dancer Equired’ is their fifth album in six years, which is impressive until you remember that they have been peddling the same ultra-lo-fi, minimalist bursts of tinny racket on every single one of these records. On their latest effort, they have polished up a tiny bit. Not by much – there’s still no bass, no overdubs, and the longest track clocks in at 3:38 – but opener ‘It’s A Culture’ is still a stretch for a band whose hooks are usually buried beneath layers of rusty snare beats and shouting. Its boy/girl harmonies are reminiscent of Beat Happening, and the chorus is great. ‘Fuck Her Tears’ is another song that eschews shambolic clatter for a more conventional melody, albeit still featuring guitarist Jared Phillips’ post-punk informed licks. Still, it’s definitely their most fun record yet.

By Matthias Scherer

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