It’s hard to respect a band who sail with the prevailing trends. So it’s lucky this London-based Parisian trio have drifted into more experimental waters now slacker-rock is so depressingly au fait. After their grungy debut and the should-have-been-massive indie-rock of 2008’s follow-up ‘Sticks And Stones’, it’s heartening to see the group following their dreams rather than the zeitgeist on ‘White Night Stand’ – a dark, woozy opus inspired by a David Lynch psycho-drama. Guitarist and vocalist Marion Andrau’s songs bring the twilight menace, weaving echoey blues into organ-laced psychedelia on ‘Traces To Nowhere’ and ‘The Orchid’s Curse’. Meanwhile, singing drummer Raphael Mura’s songs supply the record’s thundering energy, with ‘Russian Doll’ – a ghost train ride that takes in krautrock, The Who and Tangerine Dream – and the nine-minute Stuka dive of ‘Seagull Attack’, which would obliterate a room full of slackers with its sheer power. Don’t hesitate to stow away on the band’s incredible voyage.

By Tom Pinnock

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