The worst thing about being the victim of a burglary, people say, isn’t the loss of material possessions, but the fact that someone has been in your house without you knowing it. That nasty sense of insecurity is hard to overcome – unless you move house. Wet Paint singer Babak Ganjei, presumably, still lives in the Hackney flat that got broken into, and, maybe not coincidentally, his band’s new record trembles with agitation. The guitars flutter and stutter, convincingly mimicking Pavement’s looser moments, and Ganjei sounds defeated when he sings lines like “Bringing you down/Writing me off/Never knew how” in ‘Uptight Casuals’. His slightly off-key lisp works best on ‘Life’s Disappointments’, a noisy but melodic little snipe at small-town indie geeks. There is a bit of tuneless filler on the first half of ‘Woe’, but it’s worth sticking it out for the snarling slo-mo/shoegaze bastard ‘Lynchstrumental’.

By Matthias Scherer

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