How exciting: in an age of internet ubiquity in which no conversation ends with “I don’t know”, to find a band that’s genuinely mysterious; a band whose two official photographs depict different numbers of people emerging from clouds of tear gas with handkerchiefs obscuring their faces, and whose website buzzes with apocalyptic portents, misspelt manifesto sloganeering and nothing about themselves that isn’t contradicted elsewhere. How disappointing, then, to finally hear them play. While WU LYF’s PR skills may be refreshingly belligerent, their music is ploddingly familiar – the sound of four Mancunian teenagers with youthful earnestness playing quasi-spiritual chiming guitars behind a singer from a Kings of Leon tribute act. Even the most fervent of cult followings need something of substance at its centre, but unfortunately ‘Go Tell Fire’ is lightweight, unremarkable nonsense. WU LYF’s aesthetic is thrilling, but their music is a sham.

By Sam Walton

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