Instead of introducing you to the debut of some hot new band, here’s a majestic guitar-slashing, feedback-grooving record by an old band you won’t have heard of, because despite performing together for over 25 years and regularly collaborating with Yo La Tengo and Eleventh Dream Day, New York three-piece Antietam still haven’t had an album released over here in the UK. Taking the blueprint straight from Neil Young and The Velvet Underground’s fuzzed-up guitar wranglings, singer and lead guitarist Tara Key, bassist Tim Harris and drummer Josh Madell have constructed a sonic world submerged in classic US cool, but free from the vagaries of today. ‘Tenth Life’, the band’s eighth album, follows their sprawling three-LP ‘Opus Mixtum’ collection with a much more manageable ten tracks of spiralling drums, gut-punching bass, hiccupping Patti Smith-esque vocals and ragged flickers of distorted guitar. It’s not just wine that gets better with age, you know.

By Tom Pinnock

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