Have a guess how long it takes Eddie Argos to self-deprecate his and his band’s efforts as a group who have managed to – rather impressively – wing it to album number four. One minute twenty. It’s 4:32 before he’s desperately remembering some girl through a Jarvis Cocker whisper on ‘Lost Weekend’ and a full 9:24 until the real hilarity ensues with ‘Bad Comedian’, through which Argos says of his old love’s new love, “He dresses like he came free with the NME.” It is the usual heavy-handed urban commentary from this modest, completely English DIY band then; rough, silly and inarticulate where the likes of Arctic Monkeys have always been clever beyond their years. And yet while Art Brut still teeter on the brink of being a comedy band (there’s a song here about and called Axl Rose), they somehow remain fun not funny. Just.

By Stuart Stubbs

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