After being pummelled, engulfed and utterly enamoured by Fuck Buttons’ apocalypse-inducing maelstrom, ‘Blanck Mass’ marks Benjamin Power’s first proper solo foray into the dreamy abyss. A debut album of gorgeous distortion and space-age beauty, it evokes the sumptuous scoring of Ennio Morricone and the interstellar wonder Cliff Martinez effortlessly sewed into his Solaris soundtrack. It’s rich with allure and ambition that’s intoxicating in its indulgence.

From the rising static of opener ‘Sifted Gold’ through to the ebbing closer ‘Weakling Flier’, ‘Blanck Mass’ luxuriates in its decadence, allowing you to float and wallow in the 13 minutes of spatial swirl and introspective expanse of ‘What You Know’, the magnetism of the epic ‘Land Disasters’ pinning you to the wall. There’s chaos and discord; a sense of the boundless and unfinished; a search for resolution that always seems tantalisingly out of reach. Here, Power hasn’t just created standalone tracks but a narrative of the infinite. The prospect of the great unknown never sounded more beautiful.

By Reef Younis

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