A brief look at the title of Cashier No. 9’s debut album causes a wry smile, but never a portent that it would so accurately describe the music found within. Opener and single ‘Goldstar’ exudes an (im)pure, Stone Roses-circa-’89 vibe, only with a nice bit of harmonica and a few bells thrown in – a promising start, bolstered a little later on by the sweeping chord changes and crashing percussion of ‘Flick Of The Wrist’. It’s pleasant, listenable stuff, with nicely layered melodies and smooth vocal lines, but for the most part – like a nice but dull friend in whose company you don’t want to stay too long – it’s a little too pleasant. By the baggy b-side effort of ‘Oh Pity’, what was left of your interest, until now kept barely alive on life-support, flatlines and passes away. For Cashier No. 9, the checkout has closed.

By Chris Watkeys

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