Sometimes you’re caught in between desperately wanting to like something and feeling like you should. It’s a conundrum Anita Blay, aka CocknBullKid, frustratingly poses. Possessing a voice as clean, sweet and wonderfully supple as hers, you just want to let the soulful, saccharine pop soak in, but it never quite sits. Full of vibrancy and melody, ‘Adulthood’ is extremely wholesome listening but unashamedly and detrimentally preened, polished and glossed to the point it feels like Cowell’s got his filthy fingerprints all over it. It’s Girls Aloud attempting credible indie pop; Madonna without the sultry sexuality; Enya choking on her panpipes; an upbeat and breezy Kate Bush. It’s a credible list in terms of popular influences but as an album, it lacks the hooks that induce the mindless humming all good pop songs should. Jools Holland and the Guardian-Guided might be fawning but I’ll be forgetting.

By Reef Younis

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