Dave I.D. is one secretive and illusive dude. All we really know about him is that his real name is David Andrew Hedges, he’s from south London and he makes music in his bedroom. And from that we should be able to guess that ‘Response’ is probably your typical electro-urban record that bass-wobbles from Croydon’s general direction. You’d think so, but Hedges’ debut album is more These New Puritans than Skream and Benga; more TV On The Radio than Becoming Real. The problem is, he’s not very Dave I.D.. Tracks like the opening ‘When Everything is in it’s Place’ could well have been on TNP’s ‘Hidden’, comically so if it weren’t for the quasi-soul vocal that then slivers onto the gothic ‘SumR’. It’s on ‘The Takeover’ that Dave I.D. really threatens to sound wholly original… until he starts to sound like Secret Machines.

By Sean Denning

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