With so many new bands fighting for attention, opinions can be quickly formed, often to a band’s detriment. Two misconceptions can easily be made when it comes to Manchester’s Driver Drive Faster – one is that they could be next in the procession of dull, lager-swilling, Mac-wearing, indie pub-rockers; the other is that this Emo-tinged band name could be the nom de choice for a band firmly flouting their ware towards prepubescents with a penchant for designer fringes. However, neither ring true and this grouping instead swerve towards creating Americana that is tinged with a spirited UK nose-to-the-grind indie ethos that should in theory peg them near Mercury Rev’s latter-day grandiose output. Yet ultimately it falls flat faster than a balloon being given a piggy back by a cumbersome hedgehog. Unexciting and uninspiring stuff.

By Nathan Westley

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