Giving an air of hollowed-out simplicity sometimes missing from his chaotic live shows, Juffage’s songs in their recorded form are allowed to expand and breathe. Exploring the boundaries of electronica here with ‘Small Fires’, the Leeds-based, Chicago-born Jeff T Smith clashes the bleeps and glitches of early Battles with freeform drumming that could put the most dexterous jazz musician to shame. ‘Semicircles’ then goes on adding endless layers of loops and noise until they collapse in self-destructive chaos. They’re equally as compelling when slowed down too, like on ‘Under Fanblades’, which shows a more considered, reflective side to Smith, with the addition of guest trumpets creating an atmosphere of melodic melancholy. ‘My Weakness’ blossoms with flurries of synths and scurrying beats, again to make this a truly remarkable debut.

By Kate Parkin

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