Mournful saxophone, soft funk bass, folksy guitars and a touch of synth ambience – and all within the first 30 seconds? But as soon as Julian Lynch’s voice floats in, triple-tracked and drowsy, you can start to piece together what’s happening here. ‘Terra’, his third proper album on top of a bunch of CD-R and cassette releases, is a dreamy collection of strange folk-pop that tries its best to avoid being shoehorned into a genre. Knowing that his previous two albums came out on Olde English Spelling Bee (who also brought you James Ferraro and Forest Swords) should give you another clue to the realms we’re traversing. Lynch is also writing a doctoral dissertation on ethnomusicology, but don’t mistake this for a showboating school project to earn extra credits: simply drag your tartan rug and headphones to the bottom of the garden and drink it up.

By Chal Ravens

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