Live Review
Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds
100 Club

Before now, Kid Congo Powers has been a member of The Cramps, has founded The Gun Club and has played with Nick Cave. He should have his own cartoon show. It should make The Magic Roundabout appear grey, straight and prudish to a good time. If you ever see him play his camp, faux gothic surf rock live, his saucer eyes spinning around his head and his grin bananaing under his pencil moustache, you’ll know what I mean. His band – called what else but The Pink Monkey Birds? – are something to hear rather than look at, but it just makes Powers more magnetic in a social club venue like The 100 Club.

“You’re going to all sing the words to this one,” he insists in his nerdy Los Angeles whine. “I know this because I know you know the words, because they were told to you buy a man called Lux.” He then races off revisiting The Cramp’s ‘I’m Cramped’, and the 100 fans in The 100 Club go a little more crazy than they have done or do for the rest of the evening’s set, which is filled largely with new material from his forthcoming third album ‘Gorilla Rose’ (most of it sounding like ‘The Time Warp’ in some way). In tone, it’s all reminiscent of ‘Rock Lobster’-era B52s, and while nothing quite grooves like the closing ‘LSDC’, The Kid Congo Show is one well worth watching.

By Stuart Stubbs

Originally published in issue 28 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. May 2011