If My Morning Jacket were out to shock you, it probably would’ve come about five years ago – album number six, ‘Circuital’, is coalesced into a firm groove. Burgundy southland Goth opens ‘Victory Dance’, which dissolves into the feathered, seven-minute psych folk jam of the title track. A few warm, light-beam acoustic ballads and window-smashed sing-a-longs later you’ve got yourself a record that sounds a lot like My Morning Jacket are supposed to. Maybe a little bit further down the acid-warbled rabbit hole than usual, but still intrinsically twanged – Jim James would owe Robin Pecknold back-payment if he weren’t already a veteran. As usual they could use a few more great songs and it’s impossible to shake the feeling that a pretty-okay release every three years has eroded any hopes of repeated greatness. Still, it’s one way to make a career last.

By Luke Winkie

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