Live Review
The Old Queen's Head
Islington, London

It’s Quadron’s first ever UK show and they’re needlessly late, keeping us waiting in a modest pub venue usually (including earlier) reserved for bushy-tailed indie pop dross. Who on earth do they think they are? A smooth-edged neo lounge Danish duo whose every sound will be whistled and cheered by this full room, amongst it London rapper Ghost Poet, TV presenter Caroline Flack and Fair Ohs drummer Joe Ryan? Oh, they do. Fine.

With a singer (called Coco) who’s equal parts cutesy Lykke Li and madam power pipes Adele (also rumoured to be showing up this evening), Quadron play the kind of unprocessed RnB that Jools Holland would showcase between KT Tunstall and Arctic Monkeys. And you wouldn’t turn it off, not like you would the token boogie woogie number, but it’d hardly make the show either. We’re not on TV though, and Quadron live are a proud experience to behold, namely because everyone in The Old Queen’s Head are going nuts for this Scandinavian soul. “You’re the best crowd ever,” blushes Coco, almost between every song, and she really does believe it. “Can we take you all back with us?” People shout, ‘Yeah! Wooo’, and ‘We love you!’, again. The tight session drummer that uses brushes as well as sticks; Coco’s comrade Robin, who sings falsetto backing vocals like he could front the band; a sultry Michael Jackson cover on a non-hit – it all feels very VH1 Sessions, and thus ends up being one of those evenings that, “wasn’t really my thing, but I’m glad I saw it.”

By Stuart Stubbs

Originally published in issue 28 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. May 2011