A word of advice: skip the first track. If you don’t, you might not want to listen to the rest of the record, and the rest of the record is okay. Just… that first track, skip it! As for the rest of  ‘Pleasure’ – the debut album by Glaswegian Cramp-a-likes She’s Hit – it sounds a bit like S.C.U.M. (minus the bowl-rattling vocal reverb), doing a series of Black Lips covers, occasionally in the style of My Bloody Valentine (particularly ‘Lustless’, which is all fuzz and bass drone). It’s vaguely post punk and slathered in garage, with a bit of something scuzzy and surfy thrown in; a combination of styles that are all too familiar at this point. It’s almost unremarkable, really, but then there’s the vocals. This guy has a mumbling groan not unlike the dude from Kings of Leon, and that’s the factor that could make or break this record for you – if you avoid that awful first track.

By Polly Rappaport

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