It’s images like the incredibly grim coat hanger method that anti-abortionists love to invoke when spreading their dangerous and misleading gospel, but The Coathangers are not the kind of band you’d catch playing a pro-life party. Dirty, noisy, husky, messy, sexy, catchy – the sound these four girls have created out of musical amateurism and old-fashioned hedonism is still as infectious as it was when they first burst onto the scene five years ago.

On their third album, there is a sense that the band now have more of a clue what they’re doing. First single ‘Hurricane’ is as tight a slab of punk rock as you’ll hear all year, and on ‘Call to Nothing’ the abrasive guitars offer a contrast to the pleading lyrics. The Coathangers mean everything they say – whether they’re singing (or shouting, screeching, or cooing) about garage punk legend Jay Reatard (“There’s a hole/where our heart used to be”) or about going to Mexico to, presumably, get loaded on Tequila (‘Well Alright’).  Exhilarating.

By Matthias Scherer

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