Another month, another Jim Jones-inspired band of psych-pop mop-toppers. Unlike Cults though, The People’s Temple have a defiantly macho take on ’60s garage rock, more in the vein of The Seeds and the Count Five than The Shangri-Las. ‘Sons of Stone’, the Michigan band’s debut, is like opening a dust-covered box of warped 45rpm wax salvaged from Lenny Kaye’s garage – a loving recreation of that cherished lo-fi ‘Nuggets’ sound complete with simplistic pentatonic riffage, trebly bathroom-echo vocals and drums recorded in a concrete stairwell. Seems like Iggy dropped by to give a production masterclass too, with everything whacked right up into the red for some appallingly distorted guitars. The first third plods along, but tunes like ‘Starstreamer’ indulge in some rough-edged proto-punk for fans of Roky Erickson to easily love.

By Chal Ravens

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