It would be interesting to know whether Three Trapped Tigers are fans of Sam Allardyce’s work. Their album title certainly comes close to describing Big Sam’s football philosophy, but the music is of an intricacy and imagination unlikely to be matched on a training ground run by the famously thin-skinned West Midlands man. ‘Route One or Die’ contains eight pieces of music that are melodic and thunderously fun. It’s the latter quality that is often hard to pull off in instrumental music, but Three Trapped Tigers combine electronic influences (the almost dubstep-like drum pattern at the beginning of ‘Magne’, or the spacious new wave synths in ‘Noise Trade’) with riffs Mastodon could do worse than rip off (‘Creepies’) and prog pomp and song structures to such exciting effect that only the most miserable of indie kids will fail to indulge in a bit of air drumming. Sweet stuff.

By Matthias Scherer

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