White Denim’s rip-roaring debut album, ‘Work Out Holiday’, may have propelled them out of the American wilderness in 2008, but it also saw them firmly set out their stall as being avant-garde-embracing rockers unafraid to break away from using tired templates. Three years down the line and now restfully adjusted to striding through life as a quartet, they have seen no real reasons to make dramatic changes to their highly praised oeuvre, and so ‘D’ stands as little more than another comfortable step along a now familiar path – one where psychedelically coloured, country-tinged, schizophrenically jammed-out rock progressively passes, whilst remaining open to throwing in the occasional odd tailed curveball, such as the flirtation with Afro-Cuban rhythms and flute solo on ‘River To Consider’. Steady and reliable enough.

By Nathan Westley

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