The Godfather of grime has reunited with Big Dada to release his seventh album, ‘100% Publishing’. But the eskiboy didn’t succeed by hanging around, which is why it’s no surprise his latest singles, ‘Seduction’ and ‘If I Could’, will be on his next record, ‘Chillout Zone’, released in July, with LP nine, ‘Evolve or be Extinct’, aimed for 2012.

For now, ‘100%…’ casts off difficult coming-of-age themes and deals with an accomplished-but-I-want-more air. There are synths sprinkled throughout and touches of humour with the circus ride that is ‘Boom Boom Da Na’ – the name of which is sung like a fairground theme – and the zombie drawl of ‘I Just Woke Up’, while things shift down-tempo with the piano-flooded ‘Wise Man and His Words’. Essentially Wiley’s tracks are made up of the most minimal beats, but the way he cuts his vocals transforms them into something resounding that’ll have you inexplicably hooked.

By DK Goldstein

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