There’s an eternal optimism to Digitalism. The sound of two friends having the time of their lives, it’s almost impossible to not buy into the bouncing positivity of Jence and Isi because they blissfully radiate it. From the drunken sentiment of the album title to the sun-drenched warmth it conveys, lead single ‘Blitz’ is trademark, ‘ReeperBahn’ and ‘Antibiotics’ go in heavy – the former a snapshot of ‘Jupiter Room’’s big boom, the latter a mind-bending modem meltdown – and closer ‘Encore’ has the liberating release and soaring breakdown of the classic summer anthem it will become. Where ‘Idealism’ allowed the duo to ride the electro tide, ‘I Love You, Dude’ stands alone, but is no less diminished for it. Undeniably, unashamedly upbeat, it’s an album that feels like welcoming old friends back with a goofy grin, a high five and the promise of summer adventure. Totally worth the wait.

By Reef Younis

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