Elsewhere in this issue, Tom from Three Trapped Tigers identifies a type of ‘art school cunt’ musician. Despite all the generic and unfair assumptions underpinning that description, it somehow springs to mind when listening to ‘Necks of the Wood’, whether or not LHD went to art school or is a vagina. Artrocker called it ‘Splendido’, which, grating and nonsensical, is the perfect word for it. There are some nicely produced sounds, especially the occasional George Harrison-ish keys parts, but it’s all piled into an unrelenting, polyrhythmic art-cum-math-rock jerk-a-thon. And, worst of all, this over-egged pudding doesn’t even induce any kind of rapturous sensory overload; it’s just boring. If it nearly does it for you chec out Zach Hill, who makes for a similar but much better listen and would be caught dead before sampling the (ugh!) Nokia theme tune.

By Edgar Smith

Originally published in issue 30 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. July 2011.

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