Nottingham trio Little Barrie surely can’t be that little anymore. They did first appear in 2005, after all. Back then their Kinks-ish, blues-tinged RnB drowned in a sea of other rock’n’rollers seemingly inspired by The White Stripes. This time around, with Jack’n’Meg gone and the garage revival in full swing, they should do a lot better. ‘King of The Waves’ is certainly a greater record than their first, and what tracks like the hair-tossing ‘Now We’re Nowhere’ (‘Give Out But Don’t Give Up’-era Primal Scream meets The Stone Roses’ ‘Begging’), the mod pomp of ‘Surf Hell’, and the late Beatles-ish ‘Money is Paper’ do is make us realise that Britain is still to come up with an answer to America’s lo-fi elite. Crisp and chunky, this isn’t necessarily it on a hipster aesthetic level, but in terms of guitar music swinging balls it quite possibly is.

By Sam Little

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