Live Review
Niki & The Dove
The Haunt

It can be partially put down to the dramatic rise of Florence & The Machine that a sudden tide of slightly kooky females gleefully found themselves rushed towards becoming mainstream songstresses; factor in that some keen to peg Niki as the next Bjork and it is of little surprise that this Icelandic songstress has recently been tipped as being the next in-line to join the procession and those who have wandered into witness tonight’s performance would by its culmination fully understand why such lofty predictions have already been made.

Some mouth blown chirruping whistles set the tone before Niki lets both her powerful vocals, smalltime europop influences and her two accomplices break loose; one who as proceeding progress will concentrate heavily on knocking out tribal touched beats while the other helps further swerve proceeding into Fever Ray territory by occupying himself with teasing out otherworldly noises from an array of electronic gizmo’s that wouldn’t look too out of place in a science fiction b-movie. Yet as smoke bellows out from underneath the stage and entwines itself around the band members, matters swerve until they are locked in a halfway house where it’s almost too abstract for the mainstream and too pop for the fringes.

By Nathan Westley

Originally published in issue 29 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. June 2011