We know what to expect from She Keeps Bees: Jessica Larrabee’s salt and spit vocal, wailing into a sultry kind of exhaustion as drummer (and beau) Andy La Plant diligently hammers the skins to add a thumping distinction to the amp crackle. Well, we thought we did. It was a dynamic that made previous album ‘Nests’ seep and soak so effortlessly and although ‘Dig On’ maintains the same rustic qualities, it lacks the explosiveness of its predecessor. Instead, it’s laid on thick and languid with ‘Make You My Moon’ melting into Black Mountain territory; ‘Farmer’ – all chunky chords and that throaty wail – hits you like a city heat wave, heavy and charged with fire and sweat, but it’s ‘Blind To The Cup’ that commands your attention. Minus the Larrabee caterwaul, it’s, unexpectedly, all sensual hums and brooding whispers, but the end result is as seductive as ever.

By Reef Younis

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