With songs like ‘Black Death 1349’ carrying whispered melodies from the deepest reaches of the wilderness, what we have here could easily be extracts from Fleet Foxes’ new album. Strange that a band hailing from the Australian tropics have such an affinity with the dark, but ‘My Grandmother Was Pearl Hall’ was indeed made for the shallow flicker of European Art House cinema, rather than golden shorelines. The Middle East often play Christian festivals back home too, so religious themes flutter round – don’t worry, the sweetly naïve ‘Jesus Came To My Birthday Party’ has more in common with the garagey shuffle of Vivian Girls than the self-satisfied guff of Delirious?. At 14 tracks, it’s definitely an album that’s too long, but there’s little denying some of the delicate beauty here, on acoustic torchlight songs ‘Very Many’ and ‘Months’.

By Kate Parkin

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