Zomby’s last record, ‘Where Were U In ’92’, aimed to capture the pilled-up wonder of acid house and illegal raves somewhere in a warehouse in Watford in the early 90s, complete with vintage computer game samples and speedy jungle. Perhaps fittingly, then, this follow-up charts the next step – the comedown drive home from said warehouse through the morning rush hour traffic. The tracks are all built from the same fabric as album one – analogue synths, ultra-pitched-up diva vocals etc – but cut into two-minute snippets of half-remembered bangers, arranged to collide jarringly into one another, creating a feeling of zero attention span laced with heavy-eyed lethargy and paranoia. In a way, it’s very effective: if it was Zomby’s intention, then full marks. Unfortunately, however, like a comedown, it’s neither pleasant nor particularly interesting, and you generally just want to go to sleep until it stops.

By Sam Walton

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