Generally speaking, the best time for a collection of miscellaneous tracks is after an intriguing debut, and Baths just released an intriguing debut. ‘Pop Music / False B-Sides’ is, as advertised, a self-described ‘umbrella’ of songs from a post-‘Cerulean’, pre-actual sophomore record, sold during project-mastermind Will Wiesenfeld’s 2011 tour. As such we’ve got a collection of sticky beats with little group cohesion; like the Baths concept stretched out in a broad sample of potential winners. ‘Overseas’ is a delicate, piano-led car-commercial, while Flux’s static-charged breaks behind the most direct lyrics Wiesenfeld has ever penned (about coming out of course). Then there’s stuff like ‘Damnation’ and ‘Pop Song’ where Baths just makes great euphoria-laced dance anthems – no gimmicks, no punches pulled, and kinda impossible to criticise. The second iteration of Baths might not be nailed down yet, but even when the project is on spitfire mode the results work.

By Luke Winkie

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