CSS’s previous album, ‘Donkey’, was hastily created to arrive shortly after their 2006 debut in an effort to strike while the band’s iron was still hot, yet the main problem with rush releasing a sophomore album is that it can have a dramatic effect on a bands long-term standing. Interest quickly cooled, causing this Brazilian quintet to re-evaluate their position, making them see fit to retreat and head back home to Sao Paulo in order to regroup and focus. Three years later, Lovefoxx and co. have returned with a party-spirited, dance-inflected indie album that progresses along the same trajectory as their self-titled debut, although there is nothing here that reaches the giddy highs of ‘Let’s Make Love and listen to Death From Above’. ‘La Liberacion’ does not herald a complete restart for them and previous fans will find this un-liberatingly familiar.

By Nathan Westley

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