Given that Ganglians’ debut LP, ‘Monster Head Room’, didn’t permeate into popular consciousness in the way they were hoping last year, it’s a surprise they’ve opted to follow it up so quickly. On their debut, the Sacremento quartet established a formula of ethereal sonics mixed with a classic indie pop template, and they have pretty much stuck to that on ‘Still Living’. Their influences rattle along, with their staple diet of early Beatles and Beach Boys now adding in the Kinks, Nick Cave and The Velvet Underground to create dispirit pop music with minimal production. Sadly, it’s a bit less creepy and more straightforward than their debut and a lot less interesting – especially ‘Evil Weave’ and ‘Jungle’, which could easily be on The Drums’ album. There are still great moments, like the groovetastic ‘That’s What I Want’, but this won’t demand anything like the repeated listens that their debut did.

By Tom Goodwyn

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