There’s a German saying for something that doesn’t knock the speakers off their feet: “It’s not exactly the yolk of the egg, is it?” The debut album by London-based neo grunge/alt metal band Japanese Voyeurs may be called ‘Yolk’, but it falls short in too many areas to be truly memorable. Sure, Dinosaur Jr. legend J. Mascis sings a bit on ‘Feed’, and it is a catchy enough song, until you realise that it’s basically Nirvana’s ‘Something in the Way’ with distortion. Similarly, ‘Dumb’ is an unsubtle reference to the Seattle trio not only in name but also in chord progression (which is nicked off ‘Aneurysm’). On the plus side, the guitar-heavy production by Melvins veteran GGGarth Richardson is superb and ‘That Love Song’ is as catchy a Pixies homage as you’ll hear all year. Not quite the yolk, but not a bad egg, either.

By Matthias Scherer