‘Less twee, more grown up’ seems to be the overwhelming summary of ‘Paradise’, Slow Club’s sophomore effort, which is perhaps true to some degree, but this duo has always had an edge, charm and unfathomable quality to them that made them more than just an indie-pop act or a twee outfit. To me, their expansion is not one that surprises. ‘Yeah, So!’ dealt in romance, whereas ‘Paradise more about mortality; a lyrical theme that would not lend itself to the band’s former chirpy self, which goes further way to explaining the bands new found sound. The songs feel fuller, grander and more expansive. Rebecca Taylor’s love of R&B has obviously crept into her vocal performances, but rather than feel like a cheap and shiny version of what some modern day R&B can be, it boasts a classic, often soulful sound. Drums roll, pound and clatter in an almost anthemic manner, proving that whether playing with the back of a chair or a full drum kit Slow Club have a varying and interesting sense of rhythm. It’s still sweet, often delicate and very, very likeable – Slow Club are blossoming into a wonderful flower.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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