It doesn’t take a Mensa tested genius to work out that this album is the second in a sequence, but unlike cinematic works, exposure to the first is not always a prerequisite to be able to either understand or enjoy the delicacies of the follow up and this is an album that gracefully stands on its own two feet.

For this girl/boy duo, follow the grand Scandinavian tradition of creating classy understated pop music, but this time underpin it with an electronica-tinged IDM backing. After the understated rhythmically stop-start beginning of ‘Meant To Be’, it speeds into ‘Fra Ro Raa – Ro Ra Fraa’, which has much in common with Architecture in Helsinki’s or Feist’s upbeat dance fused reworkings, while ‘Fa-Fire’ sounds like Tilly and The Wall being stripped bare of their vast tweeness and given a glamorous makeover by a bedroom maverick aiming to get the works attached to some poignant, heartfelt U.S. teen drama. The understated piano based ‘1,000 Vander Kinder’ then offers a respite and shows that there is more than one side to this life-enriching band.

By Nathan Westley

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