Having taken some time to commit their debut to the can, now that this Manchester four-piece’s album is here it’s easy to see why. This is a large and grandiose record, designed to sound at home in big places, but thankfully their songs are more than just hands-in-the-air bravado alone.

The anthemic wallop of ‘Algebra’ is foot stomping and well nuanced by singer and keyboard player Ellliott Williams’ sensitive, searching voice, while ‘Spirit Party’ starts with heavy bass and moody echo before gaining momentum. Best of all is ‘The Trial of Mr Riddle’, starting earnest and stately before going frenetic work out mental, getting bigger and bigger and giving drummer Steven Griffiths the opportunity to fill like mad. It’s a jump-around-the-living-room gem and should be great live.

Things don’t maintain quite that level throughout, with the four minutes of ‘Organ’ passing largely without event and the epic-indie style (while largely successful) beginning to feel a little bit mechanical at points. Sometimes you wonder exactly who Airship are beneath it all. But that’s probably a question for another day, or a next album, as there is enough here to prove them an interesting band with a talent for getting it right. A solid debut and worth the wait.

By Martin Cordiner

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