Once upon a time, Death In Vegas were vital. Spawning the iconic ‘Dirge’ and the psychotic, balls out grind of ‘Aisha’, their fusion of electro, dub, rock and live instrumentation was dark, danceable and eclectically experimental. That was 1999 when ‘The Contino Sessions’ was busy purposefully crashing fret and circuit boards together as part of the ’90s dance renaissance, but fast forward seven years since the last Death in Vegas album and we’re faced with Richard Fearless’ decision to revitalise the DiV name. Obviously, to try and re-hash the past would be questionable, but it’s almost forgivable in light of ‘Trans-Love Energies’’s uneasy mix of mordant Witchhouse atmospherics, inadmissible vocals and bland ’80s drone. The sci-fi squall of ‘Savage Love’ is an isolated highlight but it’s the Hard-Fi-meets-Babylon Zoo car crash of ‘Lightning Bolt’ that confirms this is one stealthy return best kept under the radar.

By Reef Younis

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