I spent six months living on my own in a semi-legal rented flat. It was grim and lonely so I made a playlist to cheer up my surroundings and fill the space. At the heart of it was ‘Jail La-La’ by Dum Dum Girls – a Popgun meets US Garage tune with a simple narrative lyric that took me away from my grim little room and put me in heartland America; classic escapism. Times are different now but I guess I was hoping for the same sense of escapism and what I found was, well, different. First thing you notice is the production. Gone are the fuzzy bedroom recordings and in its place your classic “new-wave” sound. It’s Blondie, It’s Altered Images; it’s an album that unashamedly lives and dies on its songs alone. So, sometimes it lives and sometimes it dies. A decent album punctuated by a few good tunes, but bogged down by too much filler.

By Olly Parker

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