New Look read like a hipster’s dream. A painfully cool couple that spend their time flitting between Berlin, Brooklyn and their native Canada, their self-titled debut juxtaposes the experimental composition of Dirty Projectors, the glitterball funk of Chromeo and vocals that you want to whisper naughty things in your ear. Off the back of a prolific few months of intelligent, alternative pop, ‘New Look’ is expertly fashioned, set to cutely coax awkward shapes to unassuming, hip-snaking rhythms and irritatingly infectious melodies. Jazz-lounge smooth but never predictable, where ‘So Real’’s calypso chimes and Sarah Ruba’s star vocal sidles into the chunky bass and 80s electro pad percussion of ‘Drive You Home’, the XX 8-bit of ‘Relax Your Mind’ switches it up, jilting into the murkier, breathless drop tempo minimalism of ‘Numbers’. The standard was set high but the pop renaissance shows no sign of letting up.

By Reef Younis

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