It doesn’t help that Remember Remember are Glaswegian in making the quick association between them and Mogwai. Of course, Mogwai occasionally sing, whereas Remember Remember abstain completely, but that same dense, brooding and all-encompassing wall of guitar led instrumentation is very much cut from the same cloth. This, the six piece’s second album, is a lengthy listen, clocking in at just shy of 50 minutes, despite having only eight tracks in total. It’s also incredibly ambitious in sound and scale, seeming to try and get as close to a full blown orchestra as you can within the confines of prog rock. ‘Ocean Potion’ is the album’s highlight, with swirling guitars and endless crescendos keeping you captivated throughout, which is impressive for a nine and a half minute epic. There are other fine moments on the record as well, but too few to warrant the repeated listens its creators probably craved.

By Tom Goodwyn