A year early and way out from the games’ officially sanctioned market image, a record to get you feeling full of Olympic spirit. We’re pretty sure there’s no connection with the real-life tax-paid advertising opportunity/steroid-fest/disguise for a modern era slum-clearance (for one, S I I N A I are Finnish), but there is an Olympian theme, drawn in big brush strokes. That their album’s name conflate both Jehovah’s and the Ancient Greeks’ Gods’ favourite mountains is no accident; these lot aren’t about subtlety. Motorik programme music, it’s an epic love-in with the major key, with things getting a bit too ‘Chariots of Fire’ for our liking by the time we hit ‘Victory’. Space Rock factors here too and grandiosity of this type seems to be trending upwards. We can’t say when for sure but – trust us – a full-scale prog revival is long overdue. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

By Edgar Smith

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