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Still Corners’ debut traverses through a series of emotions and musical landscapes that results in one of the most textural but delicately executed records of 2011. Awash with sweet melodies akin to those that made Beach House’s ‘Teen Dream’ such a delight – coupled with intricate, often ambient and sometimes malevolent senses of sonic accompaniment – it results in a record that can be concurrently gorgeous, ghostly and grandiose. The album embraces space with open arms, which gives it a nocturnal, almost cinematic sense of stillness. It’s a record that seems to have been made almost exclusively for 3am breakdowns, as you reach for solace in a pair of headphones. The guitar tonalities, drum pounds and tantalising symbol crashes share similarities to one of last year’s most overlooked bands, Lower Dens, and like them Still Corners exude a seamless sense of beauty and atmosphere on their debut.

By Daniel Dylan Wray

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