Rambunctious noise-pop trio Teeth have effortlessly dodged the stigma of pretentiousness that frequently taints the East London music scene, declaring on opening track ‘Confusion’, “Y’all think we care, but we don’t!” This is possibly tongue in cheek, but definitely true. This stuff is brazenly lo-fi, using only a laptop, semi-electric drum kit and distorted, ’tude-drenched vocals; its natural habitat, a warehouse party where everyone is dancing and things have already started to get messy. It’s in your face electro-punk with lashings of Gameboy rave, fuzzed lasers zinging past acidic Casio bleeps, while drums and cymbals get the pummelling of their existence. ‘See Spaces’, one of the more melodic tracks, explores the trippier side of the spectrum with synthetic bells and a soaring chorus, while shitkicker ‘Time Changes’ rolls into riot punk territory, with a steady beat and bass line underpinning a barrage of disenchanted, disaffected slogans. What Teeth do is noisy, stroppy, neon, and a little bit cool as fuck. We like it. Whatever.

By Polly Rappaport

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