Twin Sister are a female-fronted quintet from New York and ‘In Heaven’ is their debut full-length album of (largely) electronic pop. Theirs is a fashionable back story: their members played in various Long Island outfits for several years, then came together as Twin Sister and played hundreds of supposedly raucous apartment shows – and so on. Unfortunately, barring the lightness, poise and sweeping synths of ‘Kimmi In A Rice Field’ and the Portishead-esque ‘Spain’, they’ve produced a honkingly bad record. From the wistful electronica of ‘Daniel’, through to the crushingly dull funk-pop of ‘Bad Street’ (which feels as pointless and repetitive as consecutively washing and drying the same cup fifteen times over), through to the meandering kiddie-vanilla melodies of ‘Saturday Sunday’, listening to ‘In Heaven’ is an experience something akin to sitting in a dentist’s waiting room when you don’t have an appointment with the dentist.

By Chris Watkeys

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