It’s rather fitting that WATER’s debut album arrives just as we’re reminded of Ryan Adam’s existence. ‘Out In The Light’, does, after all, play like Adam’s ‘Gold’ – still the singer’s finest example of establishing a middle ground between the achingly personal and straight up rock’n’roll. Maybe there aren’t quiet enough weepy, acoustic tracks here for the comparison to completely stand up (with the exceptions of the quietly croaked ‘Ones You Had Before’ and the closing road song ‘Mickey Mantle’), but ‘Out In The Light’ certainly has its fair share of country-driven anthems of optimism, like the title track and the blues-heavy ‘O Holy Break of Day’, which tries to sound like a religious experience and doesn’t fall too short, in a Hollywood cowboy way. A new project from Port O’Brien’s Van Pierszalowski, more people will and should listen to this.

By Danny Canter

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