A couple of months back, San Francisco duo Dominant Legs posted a video online for ‘Hoop Of Love’ – the best song of the summer due to how unashamedly pop it was without vulgarly aiming for the hit parade. The good news, then, is that ‘Hoop Of Love’ is here, on the band’s debut album, yodelling boy/girl vocal hooks and all. The not so good news is that it’s definitely the best song ‘Invitation’ has to offer. Part of that is certainly thanks to the band’s ability to occasionally stop resembling the classic indie pop of GIRLS et al (who singer/songwriter Ryan Lynch also plays with) and go a bit Empire Of The Sun or, worse, Mika, but if you give it time to warm to the Yeasayer-ish ‘Make Time For The Boy’ or the Smiths inspired ‘Loving Now’, or the heaps of white funk, you’ll realise that ‘Hoop Of Love’ is in fact in some fine, less immediate company.

By Stuart Stubbs

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